Interview: Bobby V Releases New Album and BET Movie

Bobby V Drops “Hollywood Hearts” to Support His Upcoming Mini-Movie
December 1, 2016
EXCLUSIVE: Bobby V Talks ‘Hollywood Hearts’ Film & Album, Two Decades in Music, Million Dollar Regret, The Late Prince, More
December 1, 2016

Interview: Bobby V Releases New Album and BET Movie

R&B star Bobby V stopped by The Breakfast Club this morning to discuss the release of his sixth studio album Hollywood Hearts. Bobby, best know for his smash hit “Slow Down” has been quiet for a minute, he hasn’t released a full album in four years and his last EP came out in 2013.

This time around he wanted to release a short film with the album and ultimately teamed up with director Tangie B. Moore to create a full length movie that will air on BET on Saturday, October 8th.

Watch the interview below to learn more about the album and movie as well as the following topics.

– Is the movie based on his life?
– He financed the film himself.
– How did he team up with Tangie B. Moore to make this movie?
– How did he pitch it to BET?
– He wants to be taken seriously as an actor.
– He has a reputaion as a player and he addresss that.
– His fashion is loud and stylish.
– Discusses Black Lives Matter.
– Plus much more.

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